Work permission for foreigners

Legal work in Poland – work permission

A foreigner intending to take up legal employment on Polish territory must have a work permission. It should be highlighted that a work permit in Poland is not issued at the request of a foreigner. Only an employer who wants to hire him on Polish territory can apply for a work permission for a foreigner. Visa and Work provides comprehensive support for employers in the whole process of obtaining a work permission for foreigners. We prepare the necessary documentation, fill out applications and represent employers in the Office for Foreigners. We guarantee maximum involvement in each case entrusted to us. We have many years of experience in handling foreigners’ affairs supported by numerous successes.

Work permission – type A

Work permission (type A) is required when a foreigner takes up work in Poland on the basis of an employment contract or a civil law contract. Type A permission is issued on the basis of an application entrusting the performance of work to a foreigner. The voivode competent for the place of residence of the entrepreneur is the authority competent to issue a type A work permission. An exception is the situation when the specificity of the work does not allow to indicate the main place of its performance. In such a situation, the A permission is issued by the Mazovian Voivode.  The period of validity of the permission is always indicated in the document, but never exceeds 3 years. After this time, it is possible to extend the type A permission. Visa and Work specialists guarantee maximum involvement in each case entrusted to them. We guarantee that our service will be tailored to your needs and expectations. We invite you to contact us via phone, e-mail or meet us face to face at our company’s headquarters in Wroclaw!

Legalization of work – professional representation for employers

A work permission document is always issued to a specific employer and foreigner with an indication of the position and type of work. A work permission in Poland is issued for a maximum period of 3 years. Of course, after the expiry of the period indicated in the document, it is possible to extend the permission. Due to the current migration situation, work permissions for Ukrainian have become extremely popular in Poland. From January 1, 2018, obtaining a permission will also be required for short-term contracts. Until now, the citizens of Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Moldova, on the basis of a declaration of intention to entrust work, it was possible to start short-term work. From 2018, citizens of the above countries will need a work permission for a foreigner, also for short-term contracts. Legal employment is the safety and transparency of employee-employer relationships. Getting through the procedure of obtaining a work permission for a foreigner does not have to be problematic. We take care of every employer in most of legal operations. We invite you to contact us via phone, e-mail or meet us in person at our office in Wroclaw, Wita Stwosza Street 16. We offer support and professional advice.

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