Residence card for foreigners permanent and temporary

Temporary residence card

Temporary residence card is a document entitling you to legally reside and move around Poland. Visa and Work provides foreigners with comprehensive support in legalization of stay. We help to obtain a temporary residence permission, we prepare a reliable application and all documents required by law on behalf of the client. We know that the application for granting a temporary residence permission can cause many difficulties to foreigners. That is why each of our clients receives full support in completing and preparing the necessary documentation. Our specialists represent foreigners, also in proceedings with the competent voivode. Many years of experience and constantly expanded knowledge allow us to provide effective help and support to foreigners.

Temporary residence card for foreigners – help and support from professionals!

The temporary residence card is a permission to stay on the territory of Poland from one to three years. It is important that the temporary residence card is issued due to specific circumstances, for example:

  • work
  • conducting business activity
  • attending university studies
  • conducting scientific research
  • being married to a Polish citizen
  • wanting to reunite with family staying in Poland
  • other reasons justifying the need to stay longer

Visa and Work also provides assistance to employers who want to obtain a work permission and a temporary residence card for their employees. Our experts will help you apply for a new card when the old one expires. We encourage you to contact us by phone, e-mail or meet us face to face at the Visa and Work office. We offer our help and support at all stages of obtaining a temporary residence card.

Permanent residence card

Visa and Work company specializes in comprehensive service of foreigners’ affairs. We mainly deal with cases related to the legalization of residence and work of foreigners in Poland. We successfully obtain a permanent residence permission for foreigners. We are specialists with many years of experience, which is why we are fluent in legal regulations, and reliable creation of official letters and filling in applications is bread and butter for us. If you are interested in a permanent residence card in Poland, we are here to help. We guarantee comprehensive support at every stage of obtaining a permanent residence card.

A permanent residence card in Poland for a foreigner – we will help you obtain it!

A permanent residence card in Poland for a citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey or China is bread and butter for us. We effectively support citizens of different nations in successfully obtaining permanent residence in Poland. Visa and Work deals with the entire procedure of legalizing a foreigner’s stay in Poland. On behalf of our clients, we prepare an appropriate application for a permanent residence permission in Poland, as well as a permanent residence card. We support our clients in preparing all necessary documents, we prepare reliable legal letters on their behalf. In addition, we represent foreigners in the Provincial Office to bring the legalization process to success and obtain a permanent residence permission and permanent residence card. A legal permanent residence for a foreigner is possible when he or she obtains a settlement permission or a long-term resident’s stay in the European Communities. A residence card is issued for a foreigner who has been granted this type of permission. The decision regarding the permanent residence permission is issued for an indefinite period. However, the permanent residence card is valid for 10 years, and this means that before the expiry of this period you must submit an application for exchange for a new one. The permanent residence card carries numerous entitlements, among others:

  • the possibility of employment in Poland (without obtaining a work permission).
  • the possibility of traveling to the Schengen area, up to 90 days in a 180-day period. Only applies to trips for tourist purposes!

Residence card for a citizens of Ukraine and more

Visa and Work is effective support for every foreigner – Ukrainian, Indian, Vietnamese or Belarusian. The permanent residence card is within your reach, let us help you and enjoy the new permissions. We encourage you to contact us via phone, e-mail or meet us face to face at our office in Wroclaw.

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