Long-term residence EU residence permission

Long-term residence EU residence permission – definition and entitlements

One of the services we provide is to obtain a long-term EU resident’s residence permission. We carry out a comprehensive procedure. We complete the necessary documentation and represent clients in contact with the Voivodeship Office. Effective and reliable completion of each of the formalities required by the Office is our priority. We have high qualifications and thorough professional experience in the field of legalizing the stay of foreigners in Poland. This is a guarantee that all proceedings will be conducted correctly.

Foreigners who have received a long-term EU resident card may stay permanently on Polish territory. The decision is issued for an indefinite period, but the document should be renewed every 5 years.

The residence card entitles to travel within the Schengen area without a visa, even if the person with the card comes from the country from which the trip to the selected destination would require compliance with the visa requirement. Travel must be for tourist purposes and may not last longer than 90 days over a period of six months.

Polish residents gain full access to, among others for education, employment and social benefits. In addition, a long-term resident’s EU residence permission provides enhanced protection against expulsion.

Who can apply for a long-term EU residence stay?

The long-term EU resident card is issued only after the foreigner meets certain requirements. The basic conditions include:

  • performing work that allows you to cover expenses related to supporting yourself and your family;
  • valid health insurance;
  • fluency in Polish (language skill must be confirmed, e.g. by passing a state exam in Polish or by graduating from a Polish university);
  • continuous residence for a minimum of 5 years on the territory of EU Member States;
  • possession of a legal title (e.g. notarial deed) to a dwelling.

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