Employment of foreigners

Employing foreigners – a chance for everyone

Visa and Work specializes in employment of foreigners. We have extensive experience in recruiting employees from other countries. If you are interested in working in Poland as a foreigner, we are here to help you! Every day we support people looking for temporary or permanent employment. We help both, qualified and unskilled employees. We guarantee that we will help every foreigner find a job. Visa and Work specialists provide their reliable and professional support to foreigners seeking employment, who want to legalize their residence in Poland.

Employment of foreigners without formalities
Visa and Work – professional support!

Visa and Work offers support at every stage of employing foreigners. We care about obtaining a work permission as soon as possible. On behalf of the employer, we submit applications and relevant documents to the Voivodeship Office so that the employer does not have to take on any formal issues. Legality and security are the most important for us, which both the employer and the employed foreigner will ensure the transparency of working conditions. We provide comprehensive training for companies employing foreigners, we train future employees, and we put real effort to improve the employment process. .

We offer help and advice, we are available face to face, via email and via phone. We guarantee commitment and a professional approach so that no case related to employing foreigners is left unanswered.

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