Visas for foreigners legal assistance

Visas for foreigners

The basis of Visa and Work’s operation is providing professional legal assistance to foreigners based on knowledge and experience. Thanks to dynamic development, Poland became an attractive country for many foreigners. Citizens of many non-EU countries are interested in living and working in Poland. Foreigners wishing to enter Poland are required to have appropriate documents. Visas to Poland for foreigner confirm the consent of the authorities to enter and stay on the territory of a given country. Visa and Work are specialists who help to successfully obtain visas to Poland for foreigners. Our comprehensive support makes it much easier to obtain the necessary permit. It is not worth wasting time on your own, professional help is a guarantee of a successful, immediate getting visa.

A visa means a legal, comfortable stay in Poland for every foreigner

The condition of entry to Poland for citizens of countries subject to the visa requirement is to own one of the following documents:

  • short-term Schengen visa (C)
  • long-term national visa (D)
  • residence permission in Poland
  • national visa or residence permission issued by another Schengen state

We provide reliable and comprehensive support to all foreigners interested in obtaining a visa. We will help you quickly and efficiently get through the procedure of applying for a residence permission (national visa, Schengen visa). Many years of experience in providing assistance to foreigners mean that obtaining a visa is our specialty. You do not have to worry about problematic applications and documents, our specialists will handle most of the formalities. We support foreigners applying for a permission to work. We help to obtain visas for Ukrainians, Turks, Indians, Belarusians and many other nations. Currently, the EU Council has lifted visa requirements for Ukrainians, which is why Ukrainian citizens can cross the Polish border in visa-free travel, but only if they have a biometric passport! In order to take up employment, they must have the necessary documents – work permission or a declaration of their intention to entrust work. A visa for a Ukrainian is no longer necessary, but this is not synonymous with the allowance to take up employment without any additional documents. Obtaining permission for work is an opportunity for legal, satisfying employment. If you are interested in obtaining a visa for Poland, please contact us. Our specialists provide their help and support at every stage of obtaining a visa.

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