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Training for employers employing foreigners

Visa and Work provides comprehensive training dedicated to employers, HR department employees and public utility institutions in the entire procedure of employing and working foreigners in Poland. The agenda includes issues of legalizing the stay of both the employed person and their relatives, as well as support in obtaining all documents and cooperation with offices, which will bring transparency and employment security to both. We prepare our training offer for employers individually, depending on the client’s needs and issues that are important to him.


Training for employers – certainty of employing foreigners in accordance with the law

The Visa and Work team consists of specialists who have both knowledge and many years of experience, thanks to which they help in understanding all aspects of employing foreigners. Thanks to their competences, they acquire knowledge necessary to fluent navigate the world of all formalities related to employing foreigners. Training for employers will protect against mistakes and legal consequences resulting from ignorance of the procedure of legal employment of foreigners. They are prepared for small, medium and large enterprises and are implemented throughout the whole country. The costs are set individually depending on the place and number of participants. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer.

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