Work for foreigners in Poland

Work for foreigners in Poland

Visa and Work specializes in employment of foreigners. We have extensive experience in recruiting employees from other countries. If you are interested in working in Poland as a foreigner, we are here to help you! Every day we support people looking for temporary or permanent employment. We help both, qualified and unskilled employees. We guarantee that we will help every foreigner find a job. Visa and Work specialists provide their reliable and professional support to foreigners seeking employment, who want to legalize their residence in Poland.

The dynamic development of Poland is a chance for a better life for foreigners!

The dynamic development of our country has made it a very attractive place to live and work for foreigners. If you are interested in working in Poland and you are Ukrainian, Belarusian or citizen of other nations, then you’ve come to the right place. With our help you will find satisfying, legal employment. We take care of our clients in most legal actions to guarantee them maximum transparency in the employee-employer relationship. Work for Ukrainians in Poland gives you new opportunities for self-development and a better life. Visa and Work is your support at every stage of employment, completing all legal formalities. We encourage all foreigners to contact us, we offer our help and support in finding the dream job. Legal, well-paid employment is a chance for your development and prosperous life. Do not hesitate, contact us via phone, e-mail or meet us face to face at our headquarters in Wroclaw.

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