Our offer Visa and Work

1. Employee recruitment:

  • recruiting employees from countries outside the European Union (including Ukraine, Vietnam, India, Philippines, etc.)
  • obtaining visas for candidates;
  • help in finding job through outsourcing or an employment agency;
  • recruitment for positions indicated by the employer;
  • providing language training for foreigners;
  • comprehensive service for employers including work permissions, declarations of work entrustment, residence and work permissions (residence cards).

2. Service for employers in the field of employing foreigners and service for foreigners, which includes:

  • obtaining work permissions;
  • obtaining starost’s information;
  • statements on entrusting the work;
  • obtaining residence and work permissions (residence cards);
  • obtaining invitations to the records of invitations;
  • legal services for employers in the area of employment of foreigners;
  • providing trainings about the legalization of stay and work of foreigners in Poland;
  • appeal procedure to administrative bodies of higher instances and Administrative Courts.

3. Service for foreigners

  • obtaining temporary residence permissions;
  • obtaining residence permissions in connection with running a business, including establishing capital companies, creating contracts and resolutions, making changes in the National Court Register, registering a sole proprietorship, legal advice;
  • obtaining long-term resident’s EU residence permissions;
  • obtaining permanent residence permissions;
  • obtaining Polish citizenship;
  • obtaining work permissions,
  • obtaining statements on entrusting the performance of work;
  • obtaining invitations to the records of invitations;
  • temporary stays for family members of a foreigner, including families residing outside of Poland;
  • exchange of residence cards;
  • obtaining registration of a European Union citizen;
  • appeal procedure to administrative bodies of higher instances and Administrative Courts;
  • claiming damages at the courts

4. Legal (office) service:

  • subscriptions for legal services including legal consultations with legal advisors, preparation of legal opinions as well as procedural and pre-trial letters;
  • conducting compensation proceedings;
  • legal services in the field of: administrative law, civil law, family and guardianship law, labor law and social security law, business law, debt collection.

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